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Basics of Weight Loss

3 Keys to Weight Loss:

Losing weight and keeping it off is possible!  Weight Loss consists of Eating Good Food, Exercise and Healing your body.  With so many diet programs available for base starts with Applied Health and Nutrition three Keys to Weight Loss.

1. Eat Good Food

Eating quality fats, vegetables, and proteins, while reducing sugar (cookies, cakes, ice cream), starches, and grains will have you well on your way toward a leaner body. What is good quality fat? Olive Oil, Coconut Oil, and Pastured Butter. Organic meat is always better than conventional. Junk food, processed food, chemical zed food with additives and preservatives clog up your hormone system and prevent weight loss. It is called junk food for a reason.

2. Exercise

Exercise in the form of 60 second short, intense bursts will burn fat for 24-48 hours. Search YouTube for “Burst Training” videos. For strength building and toning, try both Slow Burn Fitness Revolution (book by Hahn and Eades) and Pilates.

3. Heal the Body

Often there is a hormonal component to stubborn, slow weight loss, so hormone organs need to be week fed with specific nutrients. Also, the body will not readily let go of fat cells containing heavy metals, so detoxification capabilities may need to be enhanced.

How Does it Start?
 Food choices. Choosing foods low in nutrient value and high in empty carbohydrates and chemicals begins a downward health spiral. Processed foods take on the character of a non-food. A non-food is something that your body does not recognize as food. Sugars, grains, GMOs (genetically modified foods), and processed foods destroy the environment in the gut resulting in damage to the lining of the gut. The gut includes the stomach, small intestine, and large bowel. Damage to the lining of the gut causes decreased absorption of nutrients, which in turn causes organ dysfunction and the inability to lose weight.