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Total Health Restoration

What is the Total Health Restoration Program?

Total Health Restoration is our most comprehensive and most efficient program available. The program combines the best of all our natural health care services giving the patient the best chance at the most significant level of health improvement in the shortest amount of time-based on their body’s ability to heal.  Your body is always trying to improve itself, but it has barriers preventing it.

Program includes:

  • Nutrition Response TestingSM
  • SpectraCell Lab Blood Testing
  • Whole Foods Nutrition supplements
  • Guided Nutrition & Diet Coaching
  • Heart Rate Variability Analysis
  • In Body Total Composition Analysis
  • Bio-Impedance Analysis

What are the Barriers that could be preventing my body from healing

Some of your barriers could include the following: Harmful toxic chemicals poisoning your cells. Chemicals such as fragrances, over the counter drugs, radiation, pesticides, etc. can diminish your overall health and proper function of the intricate systems of your body.

Heavy metals like aluminum, mercury, arsenic built up in your tissues and inhibiting your body’s ability to function. Typical immune challenges caused by bacteria, viruses, and parasites.

Scars like the belly button scar, c-section scar, old injury scars, and early surgical scars could be interfering with your body’s nervous system and blocking its ability to communicate and control vital functions. Nerve interference due to the spine out of alignment (subluxation).

Your food choices – overeating junk like trans fats, fast food, processed foods, and refined sugar which play a significant role in hindering your body in its quest for healing.

These are just some examples of what is stopping you from being truly healthy. With so many possible causes and the amazingly complex ecosystem its no wonder traditional medicine takes the easy road of eradicating a symptom with drugs or surgery.

How do you identify and remove these barriers?

We take a different approach as the goal is Total Health Restoration. Using Nutrition Response Testing, we precisely identify your body’s specific barriers and address each one, in turn, starting with the primary block to your health and then intelligently tackling each obstacle until you have restored your whole health.

There are thousands of books written about healing. However, none of those authors have ever met you! In the incredible sea of information, what applies directly to you?

Dr. Kazan is an Advanced Clinically trained Nutrition Response Testing practitioner that can help you identify the barriers to your health problems. You don’t have to speculate or keep drowning in the ocean of “experts.” You and your body will tell us what is wrong and what exactly is the solution.

“The body has the potential to fully repair itself. Once its barriers are removed, and the correct nutrients are provided.”

Who is the Total Health Restoration Program for?

  • Those that are serious about changing their health
  • Those who complete medication, surgeries, and invasive testing
  • Those that are looking for a different answer to their reoccurring or chronic health problem
  • Those that want a permanent solution instead of a temporary fix
  • Those that are willing to make the changes in their lifestyle that are the cause of their failing health
  • Those that want to feel better than they ever thought they could

It’s a cop-out to think your lack of healing is due to genetics, gender or age

It may have some impact on your health, but the factors you can control are far more critical in bringing about Total Health Restoration.

How do I get Started?

The first phase of your customized program called the “Fine-Tuning” phase will include weekly treatments for the first six weeks where you should see a definite improvement in your health. These first six visits will be extended visits (30 min) that will include your nutrition check and your Guided Nutrition Coaching session which is essential to learning how to identify the lifestyle habits that have been making you sick and to help the Dr. Kazan direct your care.

After the six extended visits, you will receive a re-exam to determine whether you are ready to move to the “Healing and Observation” phase. If you are prepared, your visits will jump to 15 minutes once every two weeks for the next 12 weeks. During this period, more healing should take place, and additional pieces of your total health picture will be revealed and addressed.

Many times after these initial 12 visits a great deal of improvement will have been made, and you will see a significant reduction in adverse symptoms and subsequent increase in your overall health. Depending on your body’s rate of healing and your ability to make the changes necessary, you will either need another “Healing and Observation” phase or, if all is going well, you could be moved onto the “Maintenance Phase” where your visits will move out to monthly, bi-monthly or even quarterly. During this phase, your commitment will deepen as you will have experienced many significant health improvements.