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Kids Health 101

Kids Health 101

When it comes to the kids health, the health of your kids and grandkids, drugs, vaccines, and even invasive procedures like tonsillectomies and more start early and come often. Can you remember back to high school, when your first basic English class was called English 101? Well to start your kids and grandkids off on the right foot toward a healthy life, you will need to use what I like to call Kids’ Health 101.

In a nutshell, if you practice Kids’ Health 101 outlined in the simple protocols in this article, your kids and grandkids will have an amazing head start toward a lifetime of good health. And everything in Kids’ Health 101 is simple, basic, pragmatic, safe, effective, inexpensive, time-tested, and based on common sense.

The Basics of Kids’ Health 101

  1. Eat a whole foods diet, with less fast- and processed-foods and more whole foods (not from any package).
  2. Practice alternatives to the chronic use of antibiotics, prescription drugs, and surgeries. These alternatives will be primarily a healthy diet, real nutritional supplements, pure water, and exercise. This is what you will need:

A few supplements to have on hand: Cataplexy B, Calcium Lactate, and Congaplex from Standard Process, and Blue Ice Fermented Cod Liver Oil from Green Pasture.  Some antimicrobials: Sinus Relief, Respiratory Relief, and Digestive and Urinary Tonic (DUT) from Nature’s Rite.  A nebulizer to transform Respiratory Relief liquid into a breathable mist.  A copy of my article, “How to Prevent and Kill Colds, Flu, Sinusitis, Bronchitis, and Pneumonia.”

What to do:

  1. For Kids Who Are Exhausted, Depressed and Have Emotional Problems.  If your kids are chronically tired, exhausted, sullen, depressed, or are having emotional problems like anxiety, rage, anorexia, nervousness, apprehension, uneasiness, vague or morbid fears, hostility, hallucinations, ADD, ADHD, and a debilitating feeling that something horrible will happen, the odds are great that they are suffering from B-Complex Deficiency Syndrome (BCDS). They desperately need real vitamin B. This must be in the form of Cataplex B (6–12 daily) from Standard Process. Cataplex B has an 81-year track record of success, first being produced in 1934!
  2. For Kids Who Suffer from Chronic Pain and Infections.  If your kids suffer with “growing pains,” which are really a calcium deficiency, feed them real bioavailable calcium. If they get chronic colds, bronchitis, ear infections, flu, gut infections, fevers, muscle cramps, or are always tense and uneasy, give them bioavailable calcium. And if they can’t sit still in school, can’t concentrate, or are having chronic joint or muscle aches, give them bioavailable calcium. This form of calcium is Calcium Lactate by Standard Process (you can safely give your kids 6–12 daily). Cal­cium Lactate has a 67-year track record of success. I know this because it was first produced in the year I was born—1947.
  3. To Fight Colds, Flu, and Infections With­out Dangerous Antibiotics.  If your kids can’t get over a simple cold, or just chronically get colds, flu, coughs, sinus, ear infections, etc., give them real vitamin complexes of A, C and bioflavonoids as well as calcium lactate and thymus gland extract. All five of these are combined into one wonder product called Congaplex by Standard Process. With chronic problems, give your kids 1–3 daily on a regular basis. At the first sign of a cold or flu, give them 1–2 every hour or two until the cold is resolved. Congaplex has a 56-year track record of success, first being produced in 1959.
  4. For Skin and Gut Problems, Allergies and Asthma: The Magic of Cod Liver Oil.  If your kids have any kind of skin problems, gut problems, allergies, or asthma give them real, whole, pristine cod liver oil. The product of choice is Blue Ice Fermented Cod Liver Oil (3–6 daily) by Green Pasture. And if they are having any of the first three problems discussed in this article: 1) emotional, 2) chronic aches/pains, 3) chronic colds/flu/sinus/bronchitis/ear infections, add cod liver oil to their protocol. Three to six capsules is an excellent daily dose for kids.

Antimicrobials as Alternatives

Colds, Flu or Sinusitis:  At the first sign of any cold, flu, or sinusitis start your child on Congaplex. Also, start them on Sinus Relief spray. Use 1–2 sprays in each nostril every two hours until the problem is resolved. At the first sign of any a cough or bronchitis, have them breathe in 2–3 ml of Respiratory Relief from the nebulizer six times daily until a cough is resolved. These products have strong, measurable kill ratios against microbes that cause disease. They are very powerful and can even help you wipe out the worst cold or flu, pneumonia, whooping cough, and more.
Ear Infections: If your kids develop ear infections, remember that antibiotics and ear tubes are, for the most part, ineffective treatments. Instead, kill the bugs where they live—directly in the ear. Get a bottle of Ear Drops by NutriBiotic from your neighborhood health food store and apply 1–2 drops 2–3x daily until the infection is resolved—usually in 1–3 days.
Food Poisoning: If your kids develop food poisoning, immediately give them two ounces of Digestive and Urinary Tonic (DUT) followed by another 2 ounces one hour later — both on an empty stomach. Follow this with one to two more doses on an empty stomach every two hours. This will usually wipe out any food poisoning related diarrhea, etc., after 3–4 doses. If the problem persists you know you are dealing with a stomach or intestinal infection, virus or flu. In these cases, simply continue the four doses (two ounces each) daily for another 2–3 days. It will help you wipe out the worst infections. You can find antimicrobials as well as a small and effective nebulizer at discount prices at the Health Alert Store. Just go to www.healthalertstore.com, or call 1-800-231-8063, M–F, 9–5 PST.[/toggle_block][/toggles]

A Note About Pneumonia
It is always a good idea to visit your doctor when your kids develop serious problems like pneumonia. But what really happens medically with pneumonia? Well, what happens is pretty clear to see from a recent article from the New England Journal of Medicine.1

Of kids who are hospitalized with pneumonia:

  • 70% were younger than five years old.
  • 30% were vaccinated for flu and 80% were vaccinated with at least three doses of the pneu­monia vaccine.
  • Most of the kids had a history of asthma.
  • 66% of the pneumonia was caused by viruses and only 8% by bacteria—yet 88% of the kids received antibiotics (which are useless against viruses).
  • Almost three-quarters of the viruses were identified as the common colds, flu, sinus, bronchitis viruses.
  • 21% of the kids required intensive care, and some died.

Now compare that kind of treatment against our treatment with nutrition and antimicro­bials which can allow you to wipe out colds, flu, etc. before they become pneumonia. And our protocols will even allow you to wipe out pneumonia if you are unfortunate enough to let it get that far.

Protect Your Kids from Harm

Your kids will not be damaged by antibiotics which were proven completely useless against all but 8% of the cases. You will not risk hospital infections or additional problems that occur in all hospitals. Your kids will not be at any risk or harm from the pneumonia vaccine, which proved totally useless, or from antibiotic damage to their gut flora. Your care will be so cheap compared to medicine that it is almost free. And your kids will not be set up for future colds, flu, bronchitis, and pneumonia by the medical treatments, including antibiotics.

Once you experience the alternative approach to colds, flu, pneumonia, and indeed most kids’ health problems, you will immediately see that antibiotics, etc., simply cannot even compare. If every family in America followed the advice on these pages with their kids, hospitals and clinics would shut down. Drug sales would plummet. Kids everywhere would be happier and healthier. And so would their parents.

By the way…this advice is just as critical for you.

Kids with fatigue or emotional problems Catalpas B: 6-12 Daily

Kids with growing pains Calcium Lactate: 6-12 Daily

Kids with colds, flu, ear infections, or pneumonia Congapiex 1-3 daily on a regular basis; at first sign of cold or flu, 1-2 every hour or tow until resolved. Also sinus relief and respiratory relief as needed

1 “Etiology of community-acquired pneumonia requiring hospitalization in children,” Deborah Lehman, MD, reviewing Jain S et al. New England Journal of Medicine 2015 Feb 26.

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